Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, we have a graduate!

Last night was Perfectionist Child's 8th Grade Graduation Mass and Ceremony. Because I am a proud mom and this IS my blog, I am about to gush about my youngling. You have been warned.

First, the pictures. I happen to think she looked beautiful and oh-so-grown-up! Here is PC in her finery:

Rachel's 8th grade graduation

And then a photo of my two gals - because Diva can't stand being left out!

Rachel and Courtney

For the record, yes, Diva is wearing 4.5 inch heels. PC's are 4 inches, and PC is STILL taller than her older sister. Neither of them yet tops five feet tall, though PC has high hopes of reaching such a lofty height.

In Diva's words, PC "wrecked shop" on the academic awards presented following Mass. She was awarded the highest GPA in the following classes: science, social studies, English, Spanish, algebra I, and religion. And, the natural progression - she had the highest overall GPA in the class (for the combined three years of junior high as well as her eighth grade year). For her participation in the National Spanish Exam, she earned a bronze medal. She also took third place in the MathFacts competition. DH's favorite award is the one she received, along with one other classmate, for attending this school for the full 11 years (from prek-3 through 8th grade). DH calls it the "endurance award" and said it really should have been given to me. LOL! They also gave the Presidential Awards, which are given on a national basis (90% cumulative average in your classes, plus scoring in the 85 percentile or higher on the standardized tests). PC and about half of her classmates received that award which makes sense as the school is very academically challenging.

After the awards were presented, PC gave the graduation speech. Again, remember this IS my blog. I have included the video of PC's speech for any who wish to listen. It runs a little over five minutes. I am so proud of her! She wrote it herself. She was INCREDIBLY nervous. But she did well and many people commented favorably afterward which made her feel good. She said what made her happiest is that people laughed when they were supposed to!

Afterward there was dinner and a DJ at a local club. The graduates had LOTS of fun. The class moms had this really cool t-shirt made that has on it where each graduate thinks they will be in five years. Quite interesting. LOL. For the record, PC said she will complete her nursing degree at Notre Dame and become an emergency room Nurse Practitioner. I believe her.

A funny from one of the moms - she said it has been many years since she'd closed down a party, kinda sad that it had to be her daughter's graduation party! LOL. Yeah, we stayed to the bitter end. It was PC's last hurrah with her buddies. She's going to a different high school than the vast majority of her classmates. Some she will probably never see again. Others are going to the same high school. Her very closest friend is going to another HS. They have vowed to stay close, and I think they will. They share a first name and have always said they have "twin telepathy". They don't even speak to each other in complete sentences. Very entertaining. These girls are really good together, and I think will always be close in spirit.

So, thus ends a chapter in the history of the Panther family. We have graduated and are now 100% high school focused. Kinda sad to end 11 years at this school, but I'm sure exciting "adventures" await!


  1. Congrats to your PC! What an accomplishment for both of you that she won so many awards :) I love her dress, and the speech was very well given. :)

  2. Way to go, PC!

    As for ER Nurse, noo!!

    OK, kidding.


  3. What gorgeous girls!! Congrats to PC and the entire P family :)

  4. What beautiful young ladies, and I'd kill for PC's dimples! You have every right to be a very proud mommy!

  5. She's adorable, Cheryl. Congratulations on raising such an accomplished daughter!

  6. Congratulations! You have very cute girls.

  7. Congrats to PC on her incredible achievements!
    Your girls are lovely~

  8. Congratulations!!!

    My school gives out "Loyalty Awards" for those who stayed from Kindergarten to 4th year HS. :)

    Your children are gorgeous and I *love* Diva's shoes!

  9. Congratulations to PC and to you! Love Diva's shoes!! :)

  10. Most excellent! Congratulations, to all of you.

  11. Cheryl!!!! How absolutely fantastic to have been the mom who raised these perfectly gorgeous little ones. (They're all little ones to me...I'm a grammie. :] ) Their achievments are directly attributible to the type of parents they have. I know you adore them, it shows in their faces how much they love you, too. Congratulations all around. Hugs. Deb