Wednesday, August 29, 2012


*** removes, shakes out, and folds dust covers...looks around to see if everything is still in place***

Greetings! I don't know if anyone still visits me after all this time. I've been kinda busy. Diva daughter graduated from high school mid-May. So all my time and money have now gone to college and the preparations there for.

But you don't really care about that. You just want the pictures. Finished Egypt Garden by Chatelaine Designs at the end of July. It is now framed and hanging on DH's office wall downtown. The blue of his office walls are a perfect match for the color family used in the design. We decided not to mat it, but do a rather spectacular (IMHO) frame, instead. The photographic evidence (clicking should biggify):

And, an angled shot to show more of the frame:

Today, I finished another HUGE project. My very first big-girl quilt. It's a t-shirt quilt I designed (using instructions from a wonderful friend - thanks Melissa!) for Diva using many of her high school t-shirts. Hopefully, the flannel fabrics I used will also help to keep her warm now that the Southern Diva has moved to the Mid-West (culture shock anyone?).  Here is a pic of the finished top (81x86 inches)!

While not perfect in execution (the t-shirts motifs were not "square" and the flannel kinda grew), I'm rather proud of my effort. I must confess that I had completion anxiety with this. Because I knew once I finished that Diva was really not in high school anymore. And yes, there were tears as I finished today. I immediately took it to the quilt shop to avoid another bout of completion anxiety. Hope that when it comes home in October I can get the binding on quickly as I think Diva will have need of it then.

Until next time (more pics to come - I have been busy. ;) )