Friday, May 14, 2010

Stitching Bucket List Revisited

In my old blog home on Yuku, I created a Stitching Bucket List - a list of designs I really want to stitch before I die. Reasons why these designs have not been started yet range from substantial conversion or design changes I want to make to the project intimidates me for some reason (technique, inadequate instructions, sheer size, etc.) to the fact that my current number of WIPs is waaaay to out of control for me to even contemplate new starts of any magnitude until I have a few actual finishes. But I really do want to stitch these designs. Actually, I want to stitch everything in my stash, but if you've ever been to visit my stash closet, you'd know that I'd need to consume an immortality potion to make that happen. So, the designs on my bucket list are those that I'd be most bummed about if I never got to stitch them. The one stipulation I gave myself in creating the list was that I have to currently own the design. Also, allowing for the fluid nature of stash enhancement and the fickle nature I possess, I reserved the right to change my mind. Just so we've got it preserved on blogger for the sake of future reference, here's the list reproduced as originally documented:

Secret Victorian Garden Mandala by Chatelaine Designs - I adore Victorian houses and gardens. This design has BOTH! I have all the fibers, but no fabric yet.
Queene Besse's Chesse Boarde by Leon Conrad - I've loved this design forever! I want to do it in sepia tones for a very antique look and finish it in a glass top table so you can actually use it to play chess.
Celtic Letters and Heart by M Designs - I want to do this as a wedding or anniversary sampler for DH and me. I saw a pic someone else stitched years ago and have loved the idea ever since. I have the floss I want to use. I just need fabric and a backstitched lettering font I like for the names and date.
Tuscany Town Mandala by Chatelaine Designs - DH and I went to Tuscany for our 15th anniversary. It was a really special trip for us for many reasons. We visited all the places depicted in the design. Much sentiment involved here.
The Nativity by Mar Bek - I've had these charts and intended to stitch this forever. I am undecided about stitching them as one or as individual pieces. I think this would be the sort of heirloom piece my kids will fight over for ages (which makes me smile). Everytime I see someone post about fabric choices for this, I want to play, too.
Velveteen Rabbit by Lynne Nicoletti - This will be for my dear aunt, who is really much like an older sister to me. She gave me the book when I was young. We were poor and I did not own many books, so I read this about a thousand times. She gave it to me for a special reason. I know if I stitch this for her, she will treasure it.
The Desiderata Sampler by Indigo Rose - I have always loved this, but a few years ago, someone on the Chatelaine BB posted pics of a friend's finished Desiderata. This stitcher had replaced many of the bands with intricate beading and additional specialty stitches. I had her send me the pics. They are SO drool-worthy - one of the few things that have ever honestly left me speechless! I want to do my own adaptation of a similar nature. So this will take some planning. I have the resource books to do it. I just need to plan it out.
Deep Peace by Forget-Me-Nots-In-Stitches - Um, I love a challenge? Actually, the sucky directions are why I haven't stitched this already. But, I really want to. Awesome design and gorgeous sentiment.
Peacock Footstool by Jill Gordon - I think the only reason I haven't stitched this yet is because it's in a magazine and I forget about it. Yeah, I have that peacock *thing*. And, the fact that this can be displayed in a non-traditional finished way appeals to me.
And They Sinned by Exampler Dames Design Co. - Missy Ann, are you LYAO? You should be because this is 110% YOUR FAULT! Honestly, I never thought much about this before, but Missy Ann's pictures are beyond enabling. And yes, I must make my own specialty stitch adaptations just like MA. I am so easily lead astray....

And so there you have it. As I read through what I wrote more than a year ago, I can't think of what I'd change about the list. I did establish a goal of starting at least one of these projects each year beginning this year. Once I get Hanging Gardens finished, I am going to choose one of these designs to add to my rotation. Not saying it will get lots of attention, just that it will, in fact, get started. After all, if I don't start them, I can't ever finish them.


  1. I really like the idea of the stitching bucket list - might have to draw up one of my own so that I can stop forgetting about all the designs I wanted to get to "one day."

  2. Love the idea of a stitching bucket list. But how many can I possibly finish? (Wanders off in Pooh Bear attitude...think think think)

  3. Amazing list you have there! Hope I'm still around to see you finish it. :-)

  4. MarBek's Nativity is on my list as well. I wonder which one of us will start it first.