Monday, May 31, 2010

June Goals

Thought I'd given up on goals? Ha ha ha! No, May was just the month that got away beginning with Nashville's Great Flood and then all of the girls' end of the school year stuff. So actual planning sort of got thrown out the window. But that's OK because I actually accomplished stuff. Sometimes I think it's easier to get stuff done when you are insanely busy. Murphy's law of time management, or some such. The more time you have, the more you waste.

So, now to think about June and what I want to accomplish this month.

Stitching Goals for June:
  1. Finish "duckie" band on Egypt Garden
  2. Stitch 10 hours on Nativity Story Table Runner
  3. Start stitching Snow Queen's Slipper
  4. Post final sign-ups for the Chatelaine Smalls Exchange, assign partners, etc.
  5. Mail my own entry for the Chatelaine Exchange
  6. Take Hanging Gardens to the framer
  7. Make hotel reservations for the Houston Quilt Festival

Non-stitching goals for June:

  1. Stick with eating plan - lose 6 pounds
  2. Exercise at least 16 days
  3. Do the Body Pump class every Thursday
  4. Buy some shorts that fit
  5. Bite the bullet and buy a new bathing suit (UGH!)
  6. Buy some new summer shoes
  7. Let go of guilt over spending money on items 4.-6.

All do-able goals. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Hotel reservations done... I booked a suite :D

  2. LOVE Love your Hanging Gardens! It turned out awesome! :) :)