Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ramblings of My Mind - Stitching and Not

There has been no stitching since Sunday.

Yeah, I'm not so pleasant to be around. Life has conspired against my stitching. Here's a photo of where I ended up on NSTR after my 10 hours in February (total hours approx 20, however, 3 were spent frogging and re-stitching).

So, yes, we have a wise man. I'm sure somewhere in the background is a wise woman we just can't see.

Assuming I get to stitch tonight, I will start my 10 hour rotation on Hanging Gardens. I confess to be anxious to get back to HG. As nice a break as mono color has been, I am itching to return to the silks.

On a completely unrelated note, have you ever read something in a work of fiction which starts a discussion in your head you just cannot turn off? Well, that's what's happened to me this week, so I thought I'd share. The idea in question was that women care whether other women have bust enhancements, but men could care less if they are real or plastic. Men just like big boobs. This started me thinking (always dangerous). I can virtually always spot the fake ones and usually feel compelled to point it out to my DH, if he's with me. I have this feeling that it doesn't *count* if you've got fake ones. But, then I think about it, and the book is right. Men really do not seem to care. They enjoy the scenery regardless (which says I'm pretty stupid for directing DH's attention to said plastic). Thus the question in my mind: Does it really matter if it's live or if it's Memorex?

Lest you think I suggest all who enhance are lesser creatures, let me say that I know a lovely woman who had been completely flat chested her entire life. All she wished for was a modest B cup. She promised herself that her reward for raising her children and seeing them through college was a boob job. She earned her reward, and looks wonderful. There is nothing abnormal looking about her proportions. Yes, they don't move like real girls, so most of us ladies could probably tell the difference. But, she feels so good about herself and is now wearing lots of stylish clothing she never felt comfortable doing before. This, I think, is an example of using such powers for good. However, I do think perhaps my acquaintance is a minority among the breast enhanced.

Discuss among yourselves, please.


  1. Heh, you said, "Boobs", and my secret word (comment verification) was "phold".

    This is where I tell you I'm really a 13 year old boy.

  2. I care. With numerous exceptions. (Asked my dh, who I thought would care... he says he doesn't. Although he did say he will call out on a bad boob job. So I guess he doesn't care much about how they "move")

    To fix actual physical problems (small not really being a problem in my mind - but I can understand and agree with a -A cup wanting more) I'm fine with them. But implants for the sake of having "WHAT A RACK!!!". Ewwwww

    Nativity is looking great. I really like the colors together more the more I see of it. Which means I'll be plotting a kidnapping if I ever get to see it in person. I have the *perfect* spot for it in my dining room. ;)

  3. I agree with Melissa - to have an implant to fix a physical problem is okay, but otherwise, in most instances, I find them incredibly tacky.

    I also agree with you that most men don't seem to care (hence the popularity of "men's" magazines - I'm pretty sure all the women in those kinds of magazines have been non-naturally enhanced).

    All I care is that my DH thinks I have a "great rack" - personally, I'd rather lose the weight and be the 34B that I used to be, instead of the 36/38C that I am right now.

    Nice progress on your Nativity!

  4. I'm flat chested. Oh well. At least no one is staring at my boobs when I'm speaking to them.

    I have an ex-friend who got them. She divorced her husband the next year and took up with a man over 10 years younger. Coincidence? Maybe.

    I just think big, obviously fake ones are tacky, like wearing pajama bottoms to the grocery store.

  5. I don't care so much, but agree that really big, really obvious boob jobs are just plain tacky. My DH claims to care too - and says he doesn't like the fake ones - but then he doesn't seem to notice that most of those women in mags etc. probably don't have real ones - he goes along drooling just the same. rolleyes!

  6. When it's for a self-confidence issue, it's one thing. But just to say you have big boobs? Puh-leese.

    And the Nativity runner is looking beautiful! I agree...behind every wise man is a wiser woman. Unless you're me....who's more of a wise-crack than a wise woman. LOL.