Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Much Stitching

Haven't stitched since Friday. Spent Saturday and Sunday shoveling and recovering from shoveling. Last night I was dealing with quite a bit of numbness in my right hand (the result of aggravating the bone spurs in my neck whilst shoveling) and really could not grip the needle. And, to be honest, I was distracted by the last 200 pages of the most recent Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm. Tonight, I hope to stitch, but there will be kid schlepping to do because there is NO WAY Diva is driving with the current road conditions. My drive to the respective schools this morning was an adventure. I'll leave it at that having already ranted on one of the stitching boards upon my arrival home.

I did say I would share a pic of NSTR. Here it is:

I'd say I've got about 10-ish hours in it now. Happy with the color choices, still, which is good. I have determined that I will definitely need to run by the LNS and buy more floss. This much stitching took about a half skein of DMC, and I'm only about 25% complete with page 1 of 8. Granted, this is one of the most stitching intense pages. But I think I need to pick up a few more skeins as I *know* the four I bought will not be enough.

Not much else going on right now. The long range forecast suggests there may be more snow on the way Friday night/Saturday morning. I am not amused. But, apparently, the weather gods think snow in THE SOUTH is hilarious. Hope they are enjoying themselves.


  1. Great progress! The colors create a very antique-y look. I like it :)

    The weather gods can stay focused on Nashville. I don't want them looking at Phoenix! LOL

  2. Good progress in 10 hours. DMC is so cheap I'd buy up probably a dozen skeins just to be safe.

  3. Great progress, I like your color choices too. Sorry to hear about your weather, it sounds a lot like ours!