Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AAAAAA!!! Help me I'm melting!

Been checking out the Nashville releases - or what's been previewed thus far. Ready for a shock? I like THIS. I KNOW! It's so not me. But, I'm in love. Actually, it's the witch I love most of all. I so want to be her. Definite broom-envy.

I'm telling myself that if I am a very good girl and NSTR gets finished this year that AaHRH can be my monthly project for 2011. Yeah. Any bets on how long I'll hold out?

Tonight I should finish up my 10 hour rotation on Hanging Gardens. So, if the light is decent tomorrow, you will get a photo. I'm debating what to stitch for the remainder of the month. Whatever I choose will have to travel out of town both weekends. That rules out NSTR as it is just too much fabric with which to deal/manipulate outside of my normal stitching space. I might just stick with HG. But then, Medieval Town Mandala has been asking for love, too....


  1. You should totally start AsHRH next year. I've completely gone around the bend; I miss stitching on HRH every month. Join me.............

  2. I totally don't feel so bad about all my wishes/wants/new starts knowing that my friends are exactly the same! :) You know I'm right there with you. And I look forward to seeing you stitch AaHRH!

  3. Seriously, go ahead and get it. I can totally see you stitching this one. :-)