Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miscellaney and Stuff

Such a creative title, lol. I've been laughing at myself and the random wonderings (or should that be wanderings?) of my mind lately. Thought I'd give you all a chance to laugh at/with me.

Apparently the sun is only allowed to shine for one day during Nashville springtime before the spring rainstorms hit. This bears out with the 10-day forecast. I may have to keep track just for the sake of amusement. Yeah, I don't get out much.

Whilst searching the volleyball tournament venue for a beverage that was not carbonated and was not water and did not contain copious amounts of sugar, I discovered I am in LOVE with SOBE Lifewater 0. Which, of course, means that it will probably give me cancer or have some other horrible side effect. Don't tell me. I don't want to know. I found some locally on sale (10/$10) at Publix. Bliss.

Why is it that smart girls are attracted to really stupid bad boys? I thought Diva might break the trend. Apparently not. I know from personal experience that one does grow out of it. But, I think Perfectionist Child's take on boys (they are all inherently flawed and mostly just good for making fun of) is much easier to deal with in the short term. Meanwhile, there is much drama over stupid bad boys at our house.

Pondering what DH is going to have to do to make it up to me: I have to give up Moonlight Stitching in May for his annual firm dinner (which neither of us really enjoy, but feel obligated to attend). I think I deserve something really wonderful. Feel free to offer excellent suggestions to stimulate my creativity.

I hate growing out my bangs. I can't remember why I thought this would be a good idea. What was I thinking?!?! They are now about an inch short of my chin. Too short to tuck behind the ear. Too long to look decent just hanging there. Pinning the bangs back makes me look like I am trying to be too young. Have a hair appointment on Tuesday, which cannot come soon enough. I hope Jan's creative juices are flowing. Otherwise, I may just tell her to cut it all off! I really hate it when I can't make my hair look decent no matter how hard I try.

My daffodils are really pretty this year. I love daffodils in that rainbows, butterflies, and puppy dogs sort of way. If the sun shines again (rumor is that it will appear again on Saturday), I may just take some photos.

Are teenagers too stupid to realize that the parent need only log on to the online account to see all the texting history (dates, time, to/from)? Yes, female children in my house, I do mean you. I know EXACTLY who you are texting and when. Do not attempt to out fox a former auditor.

After being gone much of the past two weeks, I have a HUUUUUGE to-do list. I was really productive Monday and Tuesday. Then my motivation decided to go on vacation. I *need* it to come back, but can't say I really want it to. I'd be a much happier person if I could just spend a couple of days stitching (guilt-free, of course). I've said this before, but I need a wife rather than being the wife all the time. If you know where my motivation went on vacation, will you tell me so I can join it?

My MIL is "not speaking" to me because I don't call her anymore. Not sure whether to laugh hysterically or throw a party. However, she is still baking cookies for DH regularly (as in whenever he runs out, she bakes more). How many 45 year old men still have their mommy bake them cookies? Cue more manic laughter.

Cheerleading is the most expensive sport ever invented. Just ask my bleeding checkbook. And that's all I have to say about that.

So, I'm in St. Louis with Diva. DH decides to do the grocery shopping. He normally does this chore, but I give him a written list. He has no list. He calls me (remember, I am in St. Louis) asking me to dictate a shopping list. Umm, how exactly am I supposed to know what you and Perfectionist Child have eaten (and thus we are out of/low on) the past week? Does he think my Super Wife powers include a real-time inventory of the refrigerator and pantry in my head? Damn, I'm more powerful than I thought I was!

That's all you get today. I'm done. Pretty sure it's time to stitch. After all, I'm Super Wife! Wonder if that means dinner will cook itself...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Three Kings of Orient are...

Nativity Story Table Runner as of 032410

Progress through March's rotation (about another 20ish hours). Don't my kings look good? I refuse to use the oxymoron "wise men". Just can't do it. I still love stitching this so much.

Right now, Hanging Gardens is getting some attention:

Hanging Gardens as of 032410

The pomegranites are supposed to be backstitched in black with a black bead in the center. I'm debating whether to backstitch or not. I kinda like it the way it is. I might test one and see how it looks.

Feels good to be stitching again after a week and a half of enforced hiatus due to Diva's volleyball travel schedule. Get to be home the rest of the month, then gone again.

One thing this last trip really brought home is how much my close vision has deteriorated just since the first of the year. I really need to be wearing readers more than I do. Time to buy multiple pair so I don't have the excuse of "can't find them". Really, it's embarrassing to have your teenager read the menu to you. I promise.

Many bloggable tidbits of nothingness have flitted through my mind while I was out of town. Maybe tomorrow I'll share some.

OH, NEWS FLASH: It's actually SPRING in Nashville. With sunshine and everything! Yipeeee!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Could you hear my shout of joy?

Got a beautiful letter from my insurance company confirming that they pre-authorized my CT scan last week. Today, I love my insurance company. I will only have to pay my normal deductible for the CT scan (which I expected).

With this news and the warm sunshine coming in my window, it's a GOOD day!

Yes, I will still be talking with the surgeon about office person. And, I will be changing my care to another surgeon - preferably a vascular surgeon rather than the general surgeon I've been seeing. I haven't changed my mind about that. I'm just celebrating the good news!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monthly Goal Stuff

Lest you think my brain has exploded from the rant (thanks for hanging with me while I did that - you have no idea how much better it made me feel), here's an update on my goal status from February:

Stitching Goals for February
1. Stitch on Nativity Story Table Runner for 10 hours. YES! Actually, I managed a bit more than 10 hours.
2. Stitch on Hanging Gardens for 10 hours. YES!! Did better than 20 hours and it is looking amazing.
3. Lace Vintage Stitches to foam core. Sadly, no. (hangs head in shame as this really needs to be done)

Non-stitching Goals for February
1. Finish organizing my office. Not only not accomplished, but I've added to the chaos. Don't ask.
2. Exercise at least 15 days this month (this will be tough to accomplish). YES!
3. Make appointment for self for dental check-up. sigh, No.
4. Have a serious conversation with Diva about the need to actually get a summer job this year (wish me luck - it won't be pleasant). Did it and lived to tell the tale. Not that Diva will actually take action....

I'll give myself a "C+" for February. Part of my lack of goal achievement was due to out-of-town travel for Perfectionist Child's cheer competitions. But, I could have done better if I was really motivated.

March is another month with out-of-town travel. This time with Diva for volleyball tournaments (Louisville and St. Louis). So, we'll see if I can find more motivation this month. On a positive note, this big yellowish ball of light has appeared in my sky a few times over the past week. AND, I actually left my house without a heavy coat yesterday! Could this be a sign that the weather gods have not totally abandoned me? Dare I think it?

Stitching Goals for March
1. Stitch 10 hours on NSTR (bit of a cheat goal as I already have almost 6 hours done).
2. Stitch 20 hours on Hanging Gardens.
3. Visit LNS to buy more floss for NSTR without buying more than $25 in additional stash (quit with the manic laughter, people).
4. Lace Vintage Stitches to foam core (really, I am going to do it this time).
5. Create guidelines for smalls exchange on the Chatelaine message board.

Non-stitching Goals for March
1. Take Perfectionist Child clothes shopping with the express purpose of buying a dress for Confirmation. Avoid shooting her, if possible. Any clothing purchased after dress acquisition achieves bonus points.
2. Dig out the black pit my office has become. This is becoming mission critical.
3. Exercise at least 16 days this month.
4. Do the financial statements/tax forms for my business (can you say procrastination? Um, yeah.)

Oh, and while not exactly a goal, I think I will give myself bonus points if I manage to leave the surgeon's office on Wednesday without going postal. For those playing at home, the CT scan itself, went just fine. I don't get the results until I see the surgeon, of course. And, I was not able to talk with anyone who could access the part of the computer system where insurance authorization information would be found. I'm told that the claim is submitted electronically, so I should be able to see it on my insurance company's website this week. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sorry, I Need a Rant

Really, if I don't get this out, I might just explode. It's about this person in my surgeon's office. I have a condition that has to be monitored via CT scans every six months. Well, the past two times I've had the CT scan, this office person neglected to get pre-authorization from the insurance company. Insurance company was relatively nice about it, saying once they received the proper paperwork from the surgeon's office person, they would "post-certify" the procedure so it would be covered. After they did this the second time, I received a tersely worded letter from said insurance company saying that any future procedures NOT pre-authorized, would NOT be covered. Period. Got it. Really this should not be an issue as I am pretty sure most US insurance companies require this in some form or fashion.

So, I call office person (this is December-ish) and ask what needs to happen to be sure my next CT scan is pre-authorized because I do not have $3,000 to pay for this out-of-pocket. She assures me that she will get the pre-authorization and not to worry. OK, but I am going to worry because you didn't do this the previous two times, and I do not have $3,000. Well, I can call her a week before the CT scan. I can do that.

And, so I called last week. Office person informs me that it is February and my procedure isn't until March. She works March procedures when it is March. I comment that my procedure is March 3rd and my insurance company (via letter to me) indicated it would take 48 hours to get the pre-authorization. Oh, but it never takes that long, office person assures me. Umm, yeah. Office person generously allows that I can call her the day before my procedure. I hang up the phone grumbling many unkind words under my breath, but I put a note on my calendar for March 2nd to call office person.

Oh well, lookie! Today is March 2nd. Yes, I called office person (I refuse to dignify her with an actual human name) at 11:00 am today (my CT scan is 8:00 am tomorrow). OK so she'll call my insurance company and call me right back. WHAT?!?!!?! I remind her that the letter I have from the insurance company says that they need 48 hours to approve. She tells me that it never takes that long and hangs up. OK, I'm over the fact that you hung up on me because I figured out how rude you are the last time we spoke. But, it is quite obvious that had I not called you today, you had absolutely no intention of getting my pre-authorization. I'm actually proud of myself for not snarkily reminding you that it is indeed March now, and my procedure is scheduled for March. That should meet your criteria for action, but apparently not so much.

I will give office person a half point for actually calling me back (but I do think she realized I'd be calling her back had she not) an hour later to tell me she was able to get the pre-authorization on the phone and had faxed the number to the hospital. Oh, there is a number? Can I have the number? You don't need the number, the hospital does. I realize this. (Pardon my extreme paranoia, but I DON'T HAVE $3,000!!!! I DON'T TRUST THAT YOU DID WHAT YOU SAID, AND I WANT TO BE CERTAIN I WILL NOT HAVE TO FORK OUT $3,000. ) I do not say out loud what I am shouting in my head as I am trying to take the nice approach. But clearly, office person does not get it. She tells me she does not understand why I am so persistent about this. Well, because had I not called, you would not have done your job, and it's really important to me both because I need insurance to cover this procedure, and because I have a potentially fatal condition that has no symptoms and can only be monitored via this procedure. According to "assistant doctor" office person (apparently she got promoted while on the phone with me) because it's been six months since my last CT scan, my condition cannot be very serious and it would not be a big deal if the procedure had to be canceled. Therefore, I have no reason to feel there is an issue. Really. What planet does she live on, and will they please take her back?

I tried once more to explain why this is important to me (I don't have $3,000, and I'd like to make sure my aneurysm doesn't burst and kill me. Really pretty simple.). I ask again if I can have the pre-authorization number. She again tells the hospital already has it so I don't need it. She further tells me that it is all my fault anyway for having the insurance company I do. Apparently this insurance company never used to need the pre-auth., but now they do. She rattled off to me the list of insurance companies needing pre-auths. I was so impressed. Office person goes on to tell me she sees no further problem and hangs up on me. Gotta love that efficiency. I bet she passed the third grade.

No one at the hospital seems to know who is the keeper of pre-authorization information. I did call to see if they have it. Insurance company couldn't get past that I am not a doctor calling for a pre-authorization. They just couldn't grasp the idea of a patient calling to see if a pre-authorization had been obtained. I'll try asking in person tomorrow before they actually do the procedure, but I think I am just going to have to take it on faith and see what happens.

Next week, when I see the surgeon for the test results, I plan to let her know what happened. I also plan to tell her that I want my medical file to take with me when I leave as I will be finding another surgeon to be responsible for my care. While I don't feel strongly one way or the other about the surgeon herself, I won't be treated this way by her office staff. I see them as a reflection of the surgeon. If the office staff does not think patient care is important, then perhaps the surgeon does not either. I live in a city with one of the best teaching hospitals in the US. I promise there are lots of competent surgeons from which to choose. I plan to find one who also hires nice office people.

If you read all of this, thanks for sticking with me. I'll get over it. I am sure part of the reason this beyotch got to me is because I'm a little sensitive right now. I mostly don't think about my aneurysm except when it comes time for the CT scan. It's disconcerting to think you have a time bomb ticking inside of you and there is no way to know when it will go off, if ever. But, if it does, your dead. I do realize that there are people who live with this condition most or all of their lives without issue. But, the medical profession has no clue what causes this type of aneurysm, what makes it worse, or what makes it better. No clue. So, karma should really cut me a break when I'm forced to think about it.