Monday, March 8, 2010

Could you hear my shout of joy?

Got a beautiful letter from my insurance company confirming that they pre-authorized my CT scan last week. Today, I love my insurance company. I will only have to pay my normal deductible for the CT scan (which I expected).

With this news and the warm sunshine coming in my window, it's a GOOD day!

Yes, I will still be talking with the surgeon about office person. And, I will be changing my care to another surgeon - preferably a vascular surgeon rather than the general surgeon I've been seeing. I haven't changed my mind about that. I'm just celebrating the good news!


  1. I'm relieved for you! Nothing like a $$$$ bill hanging over your head to put the stops on stash spending.

    You have my permission to indulge heavily on Market Night. lol

  2. I'm so glad they got it right!!!

  3. Oh, thank goodness! But yes, please do talk to the surgeon (and the office manager, if they are large enough to have one). That is completely unacceptable!

  4. I found your blog (yay) and I'm so happy that your insurance company got a clue. ;) Good news like that can only be celebrated by extensive stash-buying (hopefully that's what you did). lol

  5. Hi! I was delighted to see your new blog space. Hope all is well with your surgeon and new insurance co. Come visit me sometime, too!