Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monthly Goal Stuff

Lest you think my brain has exploded from the rant (thanks for hanging with me while I did that - you have no idea how much better it made me feel), here's an update on my goal status from February:

Stitching Goals for February
1. Stitch on Nativity Story Table Runner for 10 hours. YES! Actually, I managed a bit more than 10 hours.
2. Stitch on Hanging Gardens for 10 hours. YES!! Did better than 20 hours and it is looking amazing.
3. Lace Vintage Stitches to foam core. Sadly, no. (hangs head in shame as this really needs to be done)

Non-stitching Goals for February
1. Finish organizing my office. Not only not accomplished, but I've added to the chaos. Don't ask.
2. Exercise at least 15 days this month (this will be tough to accomplish). YES!
3. Make appointment for self for dental check-up. sigh, No.
4. Have a serious conversation with Diva about the need to actually get a summer job this year (wish me luck - it won't be pleasant). Did it and lived to tell the tale. Not that Diva will actually take action....

I'll give myself a "C+" for February. Part of my lack of goal achievement was due to out-of-town travel for Perfectionist Child's cheer competitions. But, I could have done better if I was really motivated.

March is another month with out-of-town travel. This time with Diva for volleyball tournaments (Louisville and St. Louis). So, we'll see if I can find more motivation this month. On a positive note, this big yellowish ball of light has appeared in my sky a few times over the past week. AND, I actually left my house without a heavy coat yesterday! Could this be a sign that the weather gods have not totally abandoned me? Dare I think it?

Stitching Goals for March
1. Stitch 10 hours on NSTR (bit of a cheat goal as I already have almost 6 hours done).
2. Stitch 20 hours on Hanging Gardens.
3. Visit LNS to buy more floss for NSTR without buying more than $25 in additional stash (quit with the manic laughter, people).
4. Lace Vintage Stitches to foam core (really, I am going to do it this time).
5. Create guidelines for smalls exchange on the Chatelaine message board.

Non-stitching Goals for March
1. Take Perfectionist Child clothes shopping with the express purpose of buying a dress for Confirmation. Avoid shooting her, if possible. Any clothing purchased after dress acquisition achieves bonus points.
2. Dig out the black pit my office has become. This is becoming mission critical.
3. Exercise at least 16 days this month.
4. Do the financial statements/tax forms for my business (can you say procrastination? Um, yeah.)

Oh, and while not exactly a goal, I think I will give myself bonus points if I manage to leave the surgeon's office on Wednesday without going postal. For those playing at home, the CT scan itself, went just fine. I don't get the results until I see the surgeon, of course. And, I was not able to talk with anyone who could access the part of the computer system where insurance authorization information would be found. I'm told that the claim is submitted electronically, so I should be able to see it on my insurance company's website this week. Here's hoping.


  1. Good luck on the insurance & dress front. Not sure which one you'll need the most luck on.

    And when the Perfectionist gives you a hard time over the confirmation dress tell her she doesn't know how lucky she is I'm not the one taking her shopping. She would not be happy & have to listen a hour long lecture on the inappropriate way I've seen "ladies" dressing for Church.

    And if you book a Dentist appointment so will I. I missed what I had booked for Feb.

  2. I should have "goals" too.. blush. But at least I am close to finish with Greece and the Rajasthan Temple is ok more or less. So much about goals. shhhh...
    I am the queen of making notes, and then of de-organizing these notes into invisible nirwana...