Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Three Kings of Orient are...

Nativity Story Table Runner as of 032410

Progress through March's rotation (about another 20ish hours). Don't my kings look good? I refuse to use the oxymoron "wise men". Just can't do it. I still love stitching this so much.

Right now, Hanging Gardens is getting some attention:

Hanging Gardens as of 032410

The pomegranites are supposed to be backstitched in black with a black bead in the center. I'm debating whether to backstitch or not. I kinda like it the way it is. I might test one and see how it looks.

Feels good to be stitching again after a week and a half of enforced hiatus due to Diva's volleyball travel schedule. Get to be home the rest of the month, then gone again.

One thing this last trip really brought home is how much my close vision has deteriorated just since the first of the year. I really need to be wearing readers more than I do. Time to buy multiple pair so I don't have the excuse of "can't find them". Really, it's embarrassing to have your teenager read the menu to you. I promise.

Many bloggable tidbits of nothingness have flitted through my mind while I was out of town. Maybe tomorrow I'll share some.

OH, NEWS FLASH: It's actually SPRING in Nashville. With sunshine and everything! Yipeeee!


  1. I actually considered buying the 3 pack of readers at Target. But, I can hardly wear any glasses because I am STILL SICK.

  2. Wow. Excellent progress :) Hanging Gardens is just so... vibrant!

  3. I'm glad you have a break from your traveling. Hanging Gardens looks absolutely amazing!

  4. Cheryl, '3 Kings' looks absolutely wonderful and the fabbie you are using does, too. As for Hanging Gardens... love! (I didn't use the black bsing on mine, either). :) Great job on those animals!!

  5. Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to get any drool on those. :)