Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Shopping Excursion

OK, so I lost 40 pounds (and have successfully kept it off for two months thankyouverymuch). Clothes shopping should now be a happy occasion, yes? Well, not so much. See, nothing fits. Or rather, very few things fit. Specifically, pants. After weeks and weeks of trying on countless pairs of jeans and pants, I managed to find two pairs of jeans. The happy part is that I like them a lot. However two pairs of jeans and an ancient pair of yoga pants will not see me through the winter.

So, today I set out with a mission. I. WOULD. FIND. PANTS. THAT. FIT. Don't mess with a woman on a mission. She will be successful! And...I was! I scored four pairs of pants. Go, me! The store websites won't let me swipe the images, so I'll have to link. Sorry.

These from Banana Republic http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=26496&vid=1&pid=762409 in new trench. Need hemmed, but I love them! Yay for on sale (marked down another 10% in the store).

From Talbots:
These in a brown color not on the website: http://www.talbots.com/online/browse/product_details.jsp?id=prdi25055&rootCategory=cat70010&catId=cat1030039&sortKey=Default&section=Regular&conceptIdUnderSale=cat70010
These are the most incredible feeling pants ever. I think I could live in them. Which is a good thing because they cost a fortune. More than I normally spend, but hey, I was on a mission! Bought the dark green color http://http://www.talbots.com/online/browse/product_details.jsp?id=prdi25273&rootCategory=cat70010&catId=cat1030039&sortKey=Default&section=Regular&conceptIdUnderSale=cat70010
And finally, I found black dress slacks on the sale rack that don't seem to be on the website.

I had to post because this is such a victory for me. I was on a mission and didn't get derailed! Only the Banana Republic pants need hemmed, so the others are ready to wear. I have pants!!!!!! Celebrate with me!


  1. Pants are always a good thing to have :D Pants that *fit* are worth celebrating!!

    I bought new jeans last weekend... one size smaller and they are still too big. But workable for now ;)

  2. Cute!!! I really love the brown ones from Talbot.

  3. I will gladly celebrate with you! Pants are the bane of my existence too. Congrats on maintaining!

  4. Yay for pants! I need to go jeans shopping. So not looking forward to it. You have given me hope!