Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilt Festival Stash Report

Might as well call it what it is. lol. And so, it begins. There were saved stash monies. There were saved birthday monies (from June even!). There was much retail therapy in which to indulge. And, I even came home with money in my pocket. OK, so my enabling friends (I'm looking at you, Melissa, Annette, and Amanda!) have seen to it that I've spent some of that since I came home. But as of this writing, I still have money in my pocket! Let us forget that I don't actually quilt. Completely beside the point. I do, however, do many other crafty things with small needles (though Annette is trying to teach me to make crochet button trim with an actual crochet hook and everything) and fabric. And, I confess to have been toying with the idea of making a quilt-like project for some time (my enabling friends are most definitely to blame). So all of that led to all of this:

houston stash 1

These are wool felt applique. You can't see me, but I'm smiling. Cause the colors are *my* colors (autumn palette). The kits make the table runner and table topper from the pattern on the right. It's acorns and oak leaves. Click here for a bigger picture. They were sold out of the Gourdy's Gang kit. But that's OK, because I ordered it from the shop today . I told Annette the shop had one left, so I think I'm directly and indirectly responsible for the shop making their rent for the month. Just doin' my bit for the economy. Gotta keep those small businesses in business!

houston stash 2

Lots of fun in this pic. Fun trims, including some Halloween themed; a wool felt cupcake pincushion kit; a quilted bat ornament; various lampwork beads; old keys to use for embellishments; buttons for button trim; and a cool cabochon to make into a needle minder. And, why yes, those are skull beads in the center. You will probably be seeing those again at some point in the not terribly distant future.

houston stash 3

Y'all know I can't go anywhere without buying scissors. It's an addiction. BUT, these scissors each have a unique purpose (no, really, I mean it. You can stop laughing). The solid black pair Melissa swears are the bestest applique scissors in the world. Bonus, they are great for metallic fibers. So, I needed them. Cause I do work with metallics, and I plan to do some applique, eventually. The other two pair are from Bohin. I don't have any Bohin scissors. The larger pair is the perfect size for cutting smaller pieces of fabric. At least that's what Annette says. I bought her story and the scissors. The embroidery scissors? See (above) the fact that I didn't own any Bohin embroidery scissors. Really, that's a problem that needed remedied. And the needles just jumped in the bag for the ride.

The scissor purchases led to a later discussion about the scissor frogs that Melissa and Annette have (converted use flower frogs). I've had scissor frog envy for quite some time but have never found a suitable contraption locally. Annette to the rescue with some Bay of Evil links that led me to some Etsy links that led me to this:

flower frog 1

You know what is so completely awesome about this? Not only does the frog (the clear part) have 16 holes for scissors, but there are another 13 loops around the outside I can use to also display scissors. I'm so excited if I were I puppy I'd've pee'd the carpet. The Etsy seller, bless her heart, shipped it today. Definitely stalking the postie. Of course, now I have an Etsy account. Danger, Will Robinson!!!

houston stash 4

There was actually one cross stitch booth, The Silver Needle. The Halloween chart needed to come home with me. Yes, I'm participating in the Halloween giveaway next year. Hence there were some Halloween fabric purchases as well as some dupioni silk. And, isn't that key fabric awesome? I'm going to age it.

houston stash 5

Evidence that I actually do plan to make a quilt. Yeah, I know I don't need another hobby. It's a small quilt, really, I promise. Aren't those fabrics festive and fun? The book actually has five different variations of the same basic quilt. Some of the others would make great graduation gifts for nieces and nephews (beginning with 2012, there are one or two graduating each year for the next 5 or 6 years). Perfect size for a college dorm room throw. See, I was practical. And the holiday quilt will be a good practice/warm up version.

houston stash 6

Finally, some additional fabric purchase to finish a variety of completed (and future) stitching projects. The black is hand dyed kohl wool felt for a couple of planned projects.

That's it for the stash report. I may be back tomorrow with a report on the whole Festival.


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I *WANT* that flower frog. I can totally see that on display in my stitching room.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I don't quilt either, but I love visiting quilting stores, so I can totally relate.

    I love your new scissors!

  2. You are so cute when you're excited! :D

    I should've gone back for the 5" Bohins & that quilt book. Really really should have. I'm going to be crazy jealous when you make that quilt. And I don't think you're fabric pics could be anymore perfect.

  3. Nice stash haul! Soo.....when can I come over and fondle it?

  4. Great Haul - I think I love that frog too. I'm going to try to forget I ever saw it for now though! Most excellent finds!

  5. I love it all. I think we have very similiar taste. Gorgeous!

  6. Yes, I got the last Gourdy Gang kit.... and two others LOL

    Working on my own stash post tonight :D

  7. Fabulous stash!!! That frog is amazing, lucky you...

  8. drooling here .. that scissor holder/flower frog is to die for!