Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm a Winner!

OK, probably NOT the post title you are expecting given my absence from blogland the past couple of months. Nonetheless, I am indeed a winner. Of multiple things, even. It's been a good month. :D

In the early part of October, I won the door prize from my LNS's Market Day. It's a "Pamper Me" basket:
pamper me basket
I was really surprised, because I never win anything. Apparently, Lady Luck decided I should be a liar.

On the 19th of October, I won Annette's 19th Day of Halloween Giveaway. SO MUCH FUN!
Day 19 Winnings
Annette's very talented daughter made the bookmark! Isn't it awesome? And, the equally talented Annette stitched and finished the spooky house mattress pincushion, which now takes place of pride in my collection! I love seeing what Annette and Missy Ann put together each day of the giveaway.

I thought my lucky streak had ended because I quick bought a lottery ticket and didn't win. Boo Hiss! But, I was proven wrong by Madam Luck yet again this week. Holly messaged me to say I'd won the fall scissor fob giveaway on her blog! Yipee!!!! You'll have to admire it on her blog for now, as she's just now mailing it to me. Which means, I get to stalk the postie again! lol.

So there you have it, I'm a winner. Just in case you were wondering.

Other things I've been up to: well, mostly high school volleyball and cheerleading with the girls. Volleyball ended last weekend as Diva's team lost in the quarterfinals of the state tournament. Not to worry volleyball fans. Club volleyball tryouts begin THIS weekend. And the fun continues. Friday night is the last regular season football game. But then there are playoff games and basketball season begins before Thanksgiving (Perfectionist Child cheers for football and basketball games). When we are not on the go to a game of some sort somewhere, it seems that my house is a revolving door of teenage girl athletes. Most of whom have taken to calling me "Mom" regardless of biology. The grocery store loves me almost as much as the girls love to be fed. I like to think the girls would love me even if the groceries ran out. Let's not think about that too hard.

There has been very sporadic stitching. If you visit the Chatelaine BB, you know about the WIP-kill Contest I am running there (if you don't and you are a stitcher, check it out). My entry for the contest is Medieval Town Mandala. My progress as of 10/15/2010:
Medieval Town Mandala as of 10/15/2010
As usual, I can't take a decent photo of my stitching to save my life. One day....

I also worked on Nativity Story Table Runner a bit. I'm about 75% done with this and have finished the entire length across the bottom, which is the most stitching intensive portion.
Nativity Story Table Runner as of 10/15/2010

And finally, I went shopping. If you poke around Missy Ann's blog, you will find her scissor crypt instructions. I'm making one. Actually, I'm making several, and a large tool-keeper crypt, too. I needed a few more supplies for my first boxification attempt (which WILL happen before the end of the year). And, I had so much fun making cosmetic bags for the volleyball team senior night (oops, need to share that photo eventually), that I decided I needed to make one to hold my GPS (pronounced gee-pus in this household). The photographic evidence:
Supply stash shopping
A close up of the larger crypt and the bats I found that must live nearby:
big crypt close up
In the photo of the whole, you can also see some crochet trim and buttons. Annette is going to teach me how to make button trim while we're in Houston next week! WOOT!!!!

I'm sure I'm forgetting to tell you something, but I'm all tapped out for today. That's all I Have to Say......


  1. You can bill me for Busy Girl's food intake. Give me time to get a loan first, though.

  2. Congratulations on your wins! You've been very lucky!!!

  3. Sooo much crafty goodness in that picture. :D

    Great progress on MTM and the Nativity!

    Can't wait to see you next week... :)

  4. Now that is what I call an awesome haul.

    Maybe you'll get really lucky and win on Halloween and save Annette & I the postage. ;)

  5. Lovely packages you got there. Congratulations! Both your WiPs look AWESOME! Good luck on the WiP-Kill contest. Love the crypt box. That would be a real interesting finish. Look forward to more updates on it.

  6. Good for you on the wins! And lovely progress on your stitching.

  7. Your Mandala is amazing! Congrats on your winningness. Sorry about the lottery though, that would have helped feed those girls.

  8. Awesome haul!! I've read some of Lara Adrian's books and that's a pretty good one, if I remember correctly. LOL!

  9. Congratulations on all your wins! And your stitching is looking fabulous, as always - looks like you could have the table runner done in time for Christmas!

  10. Awesome set of winnings!

    Medieval Town looks absolutely stunning!