Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Progress/ July Goals

Yes, it's that time of the month again, Dear Readers. So how did I fare this month?

Stitching Goals for June:

  1. Finish "duckie" band on Egypt Garden Score! All done.
  2. Stitch 10 hours on Nativity Story Table Runner Another one bites the dust - see post below for photographic evidence.
  3. Start stitching Snow Queen's Slipper Started AND finished the stitching. Minimal progress on the finish-finishing, though.
  4. Post final sign-ups for the Chatelaine Smalls Exchange, assign partners, etc. DONE!
  5. Mail my own entry for the Chatelaine Exchange Mailed and received by my victim. :-)
  6. Take Hanging Gardens to the framer Sadly, no. Just didn't get there.
  7. Make hotel reservations for the Houston Quilt Festival YESYESYESYES!!! Hotel AND Airlines booked!! WOOOHOOO!

Non-stitching goals for June:

  1. Stick with eating plan - lose 6 pounds Great with eating plan. Just barely made weight goal - but I did make it.
  2. Exercise at least 16 days Made 19 days! Go, me!
  3. Do the Body Pump class every Thursday Yep. Even convinced Diva to go with me.
  4. Buy some shorts that fit Bought two pair then guilt set in.
  5. Bite the bullet and buy a new bathing suit (UGH!) Changed my mind after trying on what I have and deciding it would work for the 3 days I have to wear one.
  6. Buy some new summer shoes Fail. Didn't even get to the shoe store.
  7. Let go of guilt over spending money on items 4.-6. I am SO not good at this.

July will be really challenging. We are headed to Lake Oconee, GA tomorrow to meet up with DH's family for a reunion of sorts. I'll spare you all the reasons I'm not looking forward to the trip and just say this is absolutely NOT a vacation for me and is the source of much stress. The day after we get home, I have to babysit my grandmother so my mother and her fiance can get away for a few days. Gram is in the early stages of dementia and doesn't do well out of her habitat, so I will be spending nights there. Mom hasn't been away from Gram in almost 16 years, so I'm glad to do this for her. But, it does mean more days of little/no exercise for me. With both of these events, it will be July 12th before I am able to resume a "normal" schedule. I'm worried not just about failure to lose weight, but actually gaining weight as a result. Yes, I have been discussing it with my doctor. She's concerned, too. Mostly about the effect of stress hormones on my body. Just have to do the best I can and then deal with the aftermath.

On the other hand, stitching time should be in abundance. Or at least, that is my expectation. Let's see what I can accomplish.

Stitching Goals for July

  1. Stitch two small projects while at the lake (Red Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair and Oh Christmas Tree by Charlotte's Web Needlework in the 2009 JCS Ornament Issue).
  2. Complete the finishing for the slipper portion of Snow Queen's Slipper.
  3. Stitch 10 hours on Nativity Story Table Runner.
  4. Stitch 10 hours on Medieval Town Mandala (hoping that will finish the current town).
  5. Make a master list of all the projects hiding in my closet that have been stitched but are in need of finishing and determine finishing requirements.
  6. Attend Moonlight Stitching at the LNS on July 24.

Non-stitching Goals for July

  1. Stick to eating plan - lose 4 pounds (I said it would be a tough month)
  2. Exercise at least 14 days, including 3 body pump classes.
  3. Order new sofa.
  4. Attend ADFP meeting for professional development.
  5. Determine CPE requirements for the remainder of year and decide which classes to take.
  6. Update professional profile and begin to develop marketing plan.

As you might gather from the non-stitching goals, I am gearing up for a big marketing push for my financial planning/divorce financial planning practice. Now that both DDs are in high school and my volunteer days are minimal, it's time. There is also the realization that slammed me upside the head yesterday when Diva got her ACT scores (very good, BTW), that I have to pay for college in two years time. EEEEKKKK!!!! The need to generate some income has really hit home.


  1. I suppose actually blogging should be my goal. But whatever. On to you.

    Now I'm not (majorly) crazy and don't go in for lots of woo-woo stuff. But I do recommend hypnosis. I have a few hypnosis MP3 and I swear they work. You could maybe try a stress relief one? The generally last 45-50 minutes and I have mine loaded on my phone and before I get out of bed in the morning I listen to one. It helps the rest of my day. Email me if you want the info of the gal I use (she will send via email!).

    Also think about what exercises you are currently doing. Which of these can you do on the bedroom floor or adapt to there? You could sneak in 10-15 minutes here or there while others are occupied or while Grandma naps or is watching one of her shows. Granted, it won't be cardio - but every little bit helps and will help maintain that hard earned muscle tone.

  2. I'm slowly catching up with all the online stuff I've missed over the past month or so, I'll get there someday! Your MTM and Nativity Table Runner are gorgeous! Good luck with your July goals, you did an awesome job in June:)

  3. Good luck with your July goals, Cheryl.

    {{{hugs}}} on handling your family reunion and taking care of your grandmother. I hope the stress doesn't add back on the pounds - I know it does with me - I wish I was one of those people who stopped eating when they are stressed!