Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But I Have Pictures!

So you need to forgive the lack of blogging this month. Seriously, I blinked and July happened. However, I have managed some stitching. Thus, there are pictures which are of greater interest to you than anything I might say, I'm sure! lol

First up: my July progress on Nativity Story Table Runner

Nativity Story Table Runner close up of July '10 stitching

And the full view of the 38.5 inches of stitching thus far:
Nativity Story Table Runner 072810 full view

Another big milestone was completing the south town on Medieval Town Mandala. Here's the south town (upside down):
Medieval Town Mandala south town 072810

And the obligatory full view:
Medieval Town Mandala as of 072810

Kind of excited that I only have one more town to stitch. I love this design, but the towns are SO stitching intensive. I'll be glad to get the last one behind me so I can finish the corner motifs.

I brought out an old friend this month, Elizabethan Sweete Bag. Haven't stitched on it in two years! Stitched the leaves this round. The only stitching remaining are the 8 over one bugs. Seriously wondering what I was thinking to plan to stitch over one on black linen.

Elizabethan Sweete Bag as of 072810

Needed something smaller and not on black to stitch on at Moonlight Stitching last weekend at the LNS. So I started block A2 (a Celtic heart motif) of Celtic Quilt. I actually got a fair amount completed despite all the visiting with stitching friends!

Celtic Quilt block A2 as of 072810

Amazingly, my photography doesn't completely suck this month. Moon must be out of phase.

I do need to say that Moonlight Stitching was LOTS of fun! Wendy, Dana, and Melissa were all there, along with several other stitchers with whom I've become acquainted the past several visits. We closed the place down! Not sure I'm gonna make the next one in September. Diva's volleyball team hosts a tournament that weekend. We'll see.


  1. Oooo love that sweet bag. Awesome progress on Nativity, you'll have that done in time for Christmas no sweat.

    You're scaring with the MTM houses. I'll just have to rechart that big inner border so I can stop there. :D

  2. Absolutely gorgeous show! I hear you on the MTM towns, I was banging my head on the wall trying to finish the 3rd one. Hang in there, the rest really is a breeze after the last town! The CQ looks like a fun project: I always feel that small designs enhance Martina's style because the texture is more evident, plus of course they're nice and fast to stitch up :-)

  3. Spectacular stitching! I love the Medival Town and am looking forward to seeing it finished! Great progress on all WIPS. :-)

  4. Gorgeous stitching. MTM looks stunning!

  5. Amazing stitching! Love your color choice on the Nativity table runner. I have had my eye on that chart, but did not like the charted colors.

  6. Beautiful stitching! Especially MTM is gorgeous.

  7. They are all beautiful (you know I love the nativity), but that sweetie bag is stunning!

  8. Great photos! I especially like the sweet bag. :)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! You're getting so close to finishing MTM!

  10. Love the nativity scene, its so unusual and your Medieaval town is simply fab! Cant wait to see it finished.

  11. Your pieces are looking good.

    I went and found that runner and I can't decide whether I like the runner or the square design better. Perhaps I'll have to get them both so they don't get lonely.

  12. Hello, your embroidery are pure marvels you have a lot of talent and patience! Best regards marylin

  13. I'm finally catching up on some blog reading - MTM is just AMAZING. I like the tone-on-tone of the Nativity Sampler, too. It's very different (and very "old" looking, which I love).