Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stitching to share!

First, yes, I have been playing with the new blogger templates, which also means a new background. I'm not quite satisfied, so there will be more tinkering. But, I've reached my limit for today. :-) I can only play with technology for so long before I hit overload.

And there has been stitching! Pics of my June rotation on Nativity Story Table Runner:
Nativity Story Table Runner as of 062610 full view
Close up of what I stitched this month (The Holy Family):
Nativity Story Table Runner as of 062610 close up

As always, my photographic skills are lacking. The second pic shows the fabric color more closely, but the floss is more accurate in the first pic. Oh well. I figure I'm past the halfway point with stitching on this. Really, the Holy Family is the most intense stitching. Definitely on track to finish by year end.

Picked up Medieval Town Mandala for a while. Started on the 6 o'clock town. Again, full shot and close up views:
Medieval Town Mandala 062610 close up

Medieval Town Mandala 062610 full view
Colors on the full view are really off. I couldn't fix it no matter how I played around. I really am lacking in the photo editing abilities. These towns take an eternity to stitch. Really, if I can push through the last two, the end would really be in sight. But I do seem to get bogged down by them. Will continue with MTM this week.

Oh, and I received my Chatelaine Smalls Exchange for 2010 from Val!
Chatelaine Smalls Exchange 2010 (front)
Chatelaine Smalls Exchange 2010 (back)

It's the pincushion from Nantucket Violets Basket finished as a biscornu. The fabric is Silkweavers Parkside opalescent belfast linen. Val did a wonderful job with the finishing! I really love it - particularly because it is from a Chatelaine Design I do not currently own. And the colors are so perfect for my office/hobby room which is painted a medium violet shade! The SNC is Vintage Violets, a color used in several Chatelaine Designs. I don't have a local source for SNC, so I am really happy to receive it! Thank you, again, Val!

No word from my recipient yet, but that's as expected. My exchange has a bit far to travel....

I have started the finishing for Snow Queen's Slipper. As soon as I get this posted, I plan to make a bit more progress on it, so maybe there will be photos soon-ish (don't hold your breath, though).


  1. Beautiful stitching! MTM is so amazing!

  2. Your projects are coming along beautifully. And the exchange gift looks lovely.

  3. Wow... great progress pics! Your MTM is really coming along!

  4. Beautiful WIPs! I hear you on the towns in MTM: they almost drove me batty, but you're right, once they're done, the rest is a breeze. And you've done more than half of them :-)

    The exchange from Val is awesome!

  5. Great progress! MTM is stunning!

  6. Fabulous progress on Nativity. It's more beautiful every time.

    I never get tired of looking at that wide inner border on MTM. That's what made me buy this one.

  7. Your MTM is extremely impressive! WOW. Love the Nativity table runner too. :)