Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian...

Yeah, that's kinda lame, I know. But I was a teenager in the early 80's. That's my excuse.

I finished the duckie layer/border on Egypt Garden. I thought it was going to be a quick rotation to stitch. And, well, the stitching part was fairly quick. But, apparently, I completely forgot (or maybe blocked) how much beading is involved in this particular part, and how much fudging has to be done to fit those beads on 32ct fabric. More brain power than I anticipated. For those playing at home, this is my SECOND time to stitch Egypt following the Very Sad Demise (tm) of my first completed Egypt. Anyway, you are much more interested in photographic evidence, so here it is:

Egypt Garden 060910 full

And so you can see some of the sparklies:
Egypt Garden 060910 closeup

I do love beading. It's the fudging and planning for the fudging that wear me out. I think that's the last place on this project that fudging must occur. So it's all good.

And, what have I started now? Why Snow Queen's Slipper (by Carolina House), of course. I've gridded the fabric and started backstitching the outlines. Just have one more heart shape and the sole of the slipper to outline yet. Here's a pic:

Snow Queen's Slipper as of 060910

The linen is actually white. But it was laying on my dark brown table, and as it is a Permin linen (generally thought by me to be evil stuff) which means loose weave, the table color shows through. Fortunately, it seems the silk floss blooms nicely. My feelings about Permin linen have to do with how crappy my tension usually is on it and the stiffness of the fabric. Because of the loose weave, if the fabric wasn't stiff (i.e. if you wash out the sizing) it would be really limp and nearly impossible to stitch on. I know this for fact. But, as I stitch largely in-hand, the feel of the fabric matters to me. I just don't like really stiff fabric. And then there is the issue of my tension. The loose weave and my tension just generally don't get along well, so I typically do not like how my stitching looks on Permin linen. I once threw out a project that was two-thirds complete because I hated how it looked on the Permin linen so much. I knew I could never stand to look at it if I completed it, so why bother to finish. Anyway, I decided since this was the fabric that came with the project kit, I would give it a try. My thought being that the stiff linen might actually work to the advantage of the finishing of the slipper and accessories. So far, I don't want to throw it out the window, so we'll consider that an initial victory. More photos as progress happens.


  1. EG is stunning... but then that's no surprise. And I couldn't agree more on the Permin linen. I've had that chart/kit on my wishlist, but I'll keep an eye out for chart only to avoid the linen ;)

  2. Great going on EG - I love the slanted view! And nice start on the slipper.

  3. That is amazing! I am all admiration that you would do that much work twice! I don't think I know the story of the demise of the first it in your archives?

  4. I think they gave me a piece of Belfast. I'm starting today! By 11am.

    Your duckies are adorable. I can't wait until you get the pyramids. Their sky is my favorite part of this design.

  5. I have "walked like an Egyptian," too, Cheryl. Right away from my Chatelaine piece!! LOL It's nicely stored away with all the threads and beads waiting until I have an epiphany and reach for it!! Yours is gorgeous! I love the "fudging" part because it's nice to know there's a fudging friends club out there.
    Hugs to you and your little one, Deb

    PS: The Carolina House "slipper" set is just to die for. Can't wait to see how you finish it...

  6. Edit from above: "little ones" "] Hugs, Deb