Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yikes! It's Been a While!

And I've had more adventures than I care for thankyouverymuch. Went to Atlanta for Diva's volleyball tournament. It was freaknik weekend. Lots of interesting individuals and happenings (let's leave it at that). Raced home early Sunday morning to attend Perfectionist Child's Confirmation, leaving Diva in the capable hands of Busy Mom (Diva still had volleyball obligations). Flat tire in Chattanooga. Of the complete tire blow-out flavor. Thank GOD for the AAA Roadside Assistance people. While I am capable of changing a tire, I happened to be dressed in a silk skirt and heels. Not so much equipped for the job. Parachuted in for Confirmation just in the nick of time. Survived MIL meeting Mom's "gentleman friend". While it did make the family news broadcast, I haven't heard about it on the local six o'clock news - yet. And, I am pretty sure the in depth "interview" is coming on Friday when I have to spend several hours captive with MIL. Oh, and somewhere in there, I helped a good friend with a hair disaster (at least I hope I did).

Saturday was also the one year anniversary of Dad's passing. I miss him. I felt guilty that I wasn't home to go to the cemetery with Mom. The day wasn't as difficult for me as I thought it would be. Mostly because it was filled with volleyball "stuff". Not so much time to think. And, Sunday was weird to see my Mom at a family occasion with another man. But you know, this *friend* of Mom's has to be a special guy if he can sit next to her at a family occasion and listen to her tell me about visiting the cemetery the day before. Or is that just totally messed up?

I spent Monday with my much-loved cousin who was Perfectionist Child's Confirmation Sponsor and made the trip from Florida. Monday also was an unnecessary trip for Perfectionist Child's dress fitting that wasn't. They hadn't even started on the alterations and, of course, they didn't call me to cancel the appointment. Joy. Now they are having to expedite the process - at their expense and my insistence. More joy. Tuesday's project was new tire purchase/installation at Sam's. Let's not mention how much that set me back, OK. I've managed not to cry about it.

Today is a lost day for reasons I'll not go into except to say we may have survived the Great Plumbing Disaster just so we can face the HVAC from Hades. I really do love my house, but some days I contemplate arson at least momentarily.

Stitching?!?! You want a stitching picture? I'm supposed to stitch to relieve stress, right? HA! There has been some stitching. Some. I've managed about 20 hours on NSTR this month. But I'm not up for photos right now. This month just has not been conducive to stitching progress. I have looked at stuff to stitch for the Chatelaine Exchange. But, I need to make a final decision and pull stuff for it. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a NSTR pic, too.

Enough rambling for today.


  1. I just hate those days when I've spent all day doing 1000 things and at the end, it feels like I have nothing to show for it. :(

    I have my chart & threads pulled for the Chat exchange. And tonight digging through the fabric stash for tradeable fabric I found what I was looking for my Chat too. Gotta love the deep & nearly bottomless stash. If I actually get moving on this in good time I may even have time to make a second small.

  2. Good grief, girl. You've had quite a time lately. {{{hugs}}} I was going to say that you should have let me know you would be here in Atlanta, but I never would have even attempted to meet you downtown once I realized it was Freaknik weekend. And let me just say, that weekend was *nothing* compared to the chaos it created when I was in college. Hope things start looking up for you soon!