Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I'd Rant About if I Had the Time


Sorry, I realize that was redundant. But, in brief, let me tell you what has my knickers in a twist at the moment. Health care reform and stupid federal income tax tricks. Between the two, my 2013 federal tax burden will be about 25% more than it was in 2009 assuming our gross income stays constant (thus take home pay will be substantially reduced). My oldest child starts college in 2012. My youngest begins college in 2014. We are not eligible for any need-based financial aid. According to Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party, we are in the income bracket that can afford to pay higher taxes which will pay for the health care programs and economic stimulus crap.

But let me point out just a few things. If you take away my income deemed "disposable" here are just a few things I will have to eliminate from my household spending to still have the funds I need to send my kids to college: the lawn care guy, the cleaning lady, eating out, travel, entertainment, hobby spending, etc. In short, I will spend less money in the elements of the economy which employ lower income workers. These unskilled folks will then need additional government support just to survive.

I understand the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama feel they can allocate my money better than can I. But, really, wouldn't our country be a better place if these people were actually EMPLOYED versus remaining on the various government programs? Hm, they would have jobs, and I would have the money to educate my children (so they would then be SKILLED workers rather than part of the unskilled masses).

Obviously, such logic is foreign in politics.

Allow me to add one more rant: If you want to reform health care, should you not start with cost control and fraud? I'm just sayin'.


  1. Amen Cheryl. We are also looking at that tax burden and wondering how we are going to afford to send the 14yr old to college in a few years. According to the few online calculators I've found we won't qualify for any programs either and we make less than half that magic $250k Obama toutes as "rich."

  2. Couldn't agree more, Cheryl!

    While I currently have a college age child, we are not "sending" her - rather she's been working and securing assistance from other family or loans. She'll finish her Associates this summer and is moving on the ASU in the fall. :)

  3. I totally agree with you, Cheryl!

    I already know that the only way DS can afford to go to college is if he stays at home, goes to community college for two years, and works to save his money to go to another college for his final two years.

    The other option is for him to join the military (preferably the Navy) to have them pay for his education.

  4. I can't agree or disagree on Obama's policy as I know very little about it. BUT I hear you on the college pains. I plan to work full time again when the kids are in school. That's to help DH with the gigantic mortgage burden and just have a bit more $$$ to work with. As far a college goes, maybe, maybe, maybe my future paycheck will be able to HELP pay for SOME of it. Otherwise, the kids will have to go to school part time, earn a scholarship or hope that one of their grandparents win the lottery and send to them to college.