Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And Then There Were SIX!

...as in six WIPs! I finished Diamond Delights 9 by DebBee's Designs over the weekend. While Dana, Wendy, and Melissa GTG'd at my house, I finished the "squiggles" and started beading. And kept beading, and beading, and then decided more bling was called for. What can I say, my inner crow must be heard!

Diamond Delights 9 finished 040112

Stitched on 18 ct mono canvas in ecru with gold metallic. The color scheme is my own based on Silk 'n Colors Burnt Toast. My squiggles are diamond shaped rather than circular as the pattern called for. I just thought diamond shapes were more in keeping with the spirit of the design. Beading and crystal embellishments all my own. I learned a LOT of new stitches and worked with fibers I never have before. Will likely frame this at some point. The colors are wonderful for my great room.

I also have an updated photo of Egypt Garden to share.

Egypt Garden  as of 040312

All four pyramids are now complete. The "cat shelves" are well underway. It will be a near thing to see if I can finish by the end of May for the Chatelaine WIP Slayer Contest. Even if I don't make it, I will certainly finish this year.

Finishing EG would get my WIP count to FIVE. That's only one short of my goal to have an on-going rotation of four WIPs. Could this be the year? Umm, probably not since I am going to start Stars for the New Millenium in October. LOL! But, I am getting there!


  1. 6 WiPs left? Congratulations! Diamond Delights is stunning. With all that bling, I bet it looks very sparkly in real life ^.^ Egyptian Garden is progressing beautifully too.


  2. Cheryl, they are both gorgeous. I'm cheering you on to finish EG in time. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that canvaswork is absolutely stunning - congratulations! Great going on Egypt too.

  4. They both look really great.

  5. WOW - I LOVE Diamond!! Gorgeous colors, and look at all the textures and patterns! And, ewww, shiny :)

    Great progress on Egypt - I so enjoy watching this one come together :)

  6. Egypt is totally gorgeous!

    I've given you the Liebster award. See my blog update:

  7. Woo hoo, Cheryl! Congratulations on your finish!

  8. Gorgeous finish, congratulations

  9. Diamond Delights is gorgeous!