Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Thing of Beauty...

...Is a Joy Forever

flower frog filled

My very happy-making scissors frog filled with my collection of scissors. :D It holds my entire collection and still has THREE slots empty! However, it definitely appears that I suffer from a lack of scissor fobs. Will need to remedy that. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the display which sits on the table next to my stitching chair in my office.

And, there has been progress on Medieval Town since my last blog post.

Medieval Town Mandala as of 120710

It's now about 90% complete. If stitching time happens according to plan, I expect to finish before Christmas. Then I plan to pick up Nativity Story Table Runner and finish it, hopefully by the first of the year. I'd like to start a new rotation with existing WIPs and some new ornament/small starts for 2011. But I'm not ready to think about that just yet.

Remember my last post about taking time off? Well, literally the day after that post, I got a HUGE new client (divorce financial planning) unexpectedly. I think I've worked more in the past three weeks than I have in the past three months! I'm still hoping to be able to take off the week between Christmas and New Year's. But we've got some deadlines looming, so that may not happen. We'll see how efficient I can be.


  1. Great scissor collection and Medieval Town is gorgeous - I may just have to have that one. ;)

    Congratulations on the new client - work is always good, but too bad it's so close to the holidays. I hope you get some time off.

  2. Oh, MTM is just amazing. Some day, some day.

  3. Cheryl, whoah!!!! That's a lot of scissors. LOL!

    MTM looks soooooo awesome!

  4. Suddenly my scissors collection feels very inadequate:) Great progress on MTM, can't wait to see that HD!

  5. Ooooh, you're so close with MTM - the end is in sight! Love your scissor display.

  6. Wow. That's a scissor collection! I love scissor fobs, I hope you will show us as you make them. I love your Medieval Town! Just stunning!!!

  7. Love your MTM! You are so close to finishing.

    Those empty slots are a clear invitation to buy more scissors! :)